A Walk in the Clouds: 50 Years Among the Mountains

A Walk in the Clouds: 50 Years Among the Mountains

Kev Reynolds

Language: English

Pages: 198

ISBN: 0825307325

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

A Walk in the Clouds: 50 Years Among the Mountains is a heartwarming, inspirational, and evocative collection of memories and short stories from Kev Reynolds, a prolific and celebrated guidebook author who has been roaming the mountains for a half-century. These recollections trail Reyonlds' journeys through some of his favorite and most memorable lessons learned on the mountains. The people met, experiences shared, and cultures bridged throughout Reynolds' travels make for an engaging read for hikers and non-hikers alike.   Shadowing Reynolds across the Moroccan Atlas, the Pyrenees trails, the European Alps, and even the Himalayas gives the reader the feeling not only of hiking the trails, but also of forming the relationships and connections throughout the world that Reynolds was able to create. This book motivates the common reader to undertake something they have never done before because, as the reader learns from Reynolds, that is where some of the best experiences come from.

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talking her through the next few moves, his pronunciation of English words being clipped and precise despite lack of practice. He and I were not roped, but she was secured with ropes and karabiners and given confidence by our Austrian friend’s smooth talking and obvious care. She’d never warmed to rock climbing, and finding herself inching across unfamiliar terrain should have had her knees trembling, but from my occasional vantage point she appeared to be in control, ignoring the verticalities

Aiguilles Rouges d’Arolla, the Combin massif and Mont Blanc itself, pure and gleaming. Summit after summit, ridge upon ridge, glacier and snowfield—each had its place in this roll call of natural wonders. No matter how many times I’d seen those peaks, had photographed them, crossed their ridges and slept on their slopes, no amount of familiarity could lessen the impact of their beauty. Those who grow weary of the Alps have no soul. For me, each time they burst into view is cause for celebration.

memorable occasions I’d been trekking there, and with so many of Nepal’s once-remote valleys now being penetrated by dirt roads, I had a yearning to tackle the Manaslu Circuit once more before the landscape was irrevocably scarred by bulldozer. But it was 2009, my lungs were wrecked, and I wondered whether I still had the puff to make it. However, Kirken had a solution . . . With damaged lungs it was obvious that altitude would now be a major struggle for me, but I was determined to go as high as

the remains of an old Moorish watchtower, where swifts gathered in preparation for their flight to Africa. The Moors knew what they were doing, for as a vantage point it was unbeatable. Although the mountain was modest in altitude, all the world, it seemed, was laid out below. In one direction dry shadowed barrancos were loud with the sound of crickets instead of waterfalls and mountain torrents; in another the sun dazzled on one of the far distant tower blocks of the Costa Blanca. Those

soldanellas—those tiny, tassle-headed harbingers of spring—poked through spatters of old snow. There was avalanche debris, a few spindly trees, then woods of pine and fir, and as the first crack of thunder sounded and rain began, we spied a glass-fronted hut and made a beeline for it. Our timing, for once, had been impeccable. THE LAST GREEN VALLEY In the central High Pyrenees the Ésera valley had a rare perfection that called me back many times. By going early in the season we had both

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