Atlantis God: A Novel (Jack Howard)

Atlantis God: A Novel (Jack Howard)

David Gibbins

Language: English

Pages: 496

ISBN: 0440245842

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Atlantis. The world’s mightiest empire. Its secrets have been lost to the ocean’s depths, but in this high-action race against the clock, marine archaeologist Jack Howard is about to find out that the gods of Atlantis live on—through a terrifying new evil.
A lost Nazi bunker in a forest in Germany contains a dreadful secret. But is there a horrifying new dimension to the Nazis’ rule of terror? When Jack Howard, head of the International Maritime University, and his team of adventurers return to the lost island of Atlantis in the Black Sea, they realize they’re not just on the trail of the most sought-after treasures in history but are about to uncover a surprising link between Atlantis and the 1930s expeditions of Himmler’s Ahnenerbe, the Nazis’ Department of Cultural Heritage. But unbeknownst to Jack, shadowy figures from his past are joining forces—and they have their own ghastly vision for a new Atlantis. Can he stop them before it’s too late?

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undersea trench closer to Nassau for most testing. The San Salvador ridge extends beyond the twelve-nautical-mile Bahamas territorial limit, but the weapons test zone remains in force beyond the end of the ridge and we couldn’t find any record of exploration or diving there. So it’s possible that there is a shallow reef and a blue hole that has never been properly charted.” Jack reached over and picked up the photograph showing the raft with the airman’s body slumped inside. He looked closely at

don’t have a safety line or spare tanks.” “No more than sixty feet in, I promise.” Costas paused for a moment, floating still. “Okay. Your call.” They dropped down and were soon at the tunnel entrance, a jagged hole about ten feet wide and fifteen feet long. They swam through into another chamber, the size of a small church, the walls rising high above them on every side. Jack ascended until his depth gauge read fifty feet. Costas swam off to one side, looking hard at the cave walls, searching

mass on the seabed. He could see no sign of the submersible, nor of Costas. He sensed the shadow of Seaquest II far above, but ignored it. He would never make it to the surface. Then he saw a yellow smudge down the slope of the volcano. It was the light from the submersible’s headlamp array, which could be activated externally. Thank God. Costas had made it. He forced his vision to narrow into a tunnel, to exclude all sense of his surroundings other than his destination. He began to swim hard,

sea, dead calm for so long, began to shimmer. He felt something they had not felt for days, something coming from the west, ruffling the water. It was wind. A flash lit the sky again, and a whiteness sped across from a central point like an expanding corona. Noah watched in astonishment as the palladion seemed to catch the light and burn at the edges, a flickering blue aura that pulsed around the ironstone. Enlil swayed back, then gripped the palladion with both hands as the phantasm

shaman-names. And then the floodwaters had begun to rise. Enlil and the new priesthood had assembled the people and blamed the shamans, ordering them to go to the cave to appease the spirits. But once inside, the shamans had been blocked in, Noah among them, sealed inside a flickering world of shadows and red embers from the fire that was always kept alive in the inner recess. The old shamans had thrown the sacred leaves on the fire and taken the milk of the poppy to ease them on their journey

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