Babel Codex (Rogue Angel, Book 43.5)

Babel Codex (Rogue Angel, Book 43.5)

Alex Archer, Mel Odom

Language: English

Pages: 78

ISBN: 2:00307138

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

In this electrifying new novella, heroine Annja Creed uncovers yet another one of history's monsters.

From the Old Testament comes a new danger...

Fighting skeletons in Addis Ababa isn't in Annja's contract. Especially when they're "entertainment" rigged by an obnoxious radio DJ during the filming of the TV show she hosts, Chasing History's Monsters. But the accidental discovery of an ancient clay brick turns the prank into deadly peril for the intrepid archaeologist.

If Annja's hunch is right, the brick is merely the first key to a greater discovery: the Tower of Babel. Now, with Joan of Arc's sword in hand and killers at her heels, she must race across the Middle East to unravel the puzzle first. Enemies and allies will face off against each other--and themselves. To survive, Annja will have to defeat them all...because in the end there can be only one winner.

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the orders when I came on board the ship.” Garin gripped the man’s shirtfront, pulling him tighter and screwing the gun barrel into his forehead. “I was only giving the orders they were giving me.” Unfortunately, Garin knew that was true. It wasn’t unfortunate for him. It was unfortunate for the pirate because Garin had to make an example of the man so that the others would understand who they were dealing with. Garin pulled the trigger. The man had sensed what was about to happen and tried to

appeared disdainful and hadn’t spoken at all. His disapproving scowl deepened the wrinkles that lined his face. “The documents concerning the Cave of the Seven Sleepers and the excavations to find it.” Louay nodded and walked to a massive collection of books against the back wall on the left. “Those will be over here. They do have a school at the cave, you know.” “But the school doesn’t have these documents, do they?” “They have studies of all the cave explorations.” “Recent ones. I’m

she put her other hand behind the guy’s head and shoved, adding her weight and muscle to his headlong plunge as she set herself and pivoted to bring him around. He face-planted against the stone wall behind her with a meaty splat. Rebounding, he staggered, then sat awkwardly on the ground. Blood oozed from his nose, seeping through the white skull face. He screamed. “Now the skeleton’s in pain,” Annja said. Chapter Two “I just thought we’d have some fun. You know, take the abandoned

fingers of his left hand. Bhalla brushed by the wounded man and ordered more men forward to pursue their quarry. Seeing his men moving more slowly and cautiously now, fearful of another mine, Bhalla cursed Annja Creed and the old man. He entered the chamber, almost slipping in the blood pooling from the dead men. For a moment, he gazed at the three tunnels, not knowing what they meant. Angry and frantic, he ordered his men into them. They couldn’t hear him, but they understood him well enough.

definite new addition. If the spearhead is that old, it probably went missing in the 1990s when an accidental explosion destroyed the government arsenal.” Burris halted the spear’s spin and gazed more critically at the weapon before shifting his attention back to Annja. “How do you know the explosion was accidental?” Ignoring the question, Annja knelt on the floor and looked at the clay brick beneath the mummified monkey’s feet. She set her backpack on the ground within easy reach. The brick

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