Biggles - Secret Agent

Biggles - Secret Agent

W.E. Johns

Language: French

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reveal all she knew about the suspicious behaviour of the two Englishmen, such as their visit to the Jew’s house and their nocturnal excursion. Biggles eyed the hotel dubiously as they approached it. ‘Well, we shall soon know how we stand,’ he murmured, half humorously. ‘Behave naturally when we go in, as if nothing unusual had happened. If anyone asks questions we shall just look blank and say that we have walked to Garenwald and back.’ There was no one in the entrance hall when they went in.

to the road. ‘Keep your hands still,’ ordered Biggles, taking a pace towards him and running his hands over his pockets. He took a small automatic from the German’s hip pocket and put it in his own. ‘You would be well advised to do precisely as I tell you,’ he went on. ‘Start walking back towards the castle.’ Von Stalhein hesitated. ‘I can give you just two seconds,’ grated Biggles. Von Stalhein shrugged his shoulders, turned about, and started walking slowly up the road towards the castle

when a lot of people are going abroad on the cheap. They walk, carrying their kit in a rucksack. If, therefore, Ginger and I arrive at the hotel in Unterhamstadt in shorts or flannel bags, carrying rucksacks, we should, I think, pass for a type of tourist which is becoming increasingly common on the Continent. As you know, I speak German fairly well, which should be a great help.’ ‘You said the hotel,’ put in Algy. ‘Yes, there’s only one, but it is a good one. I gather that it is one of those

down on the main road that led to Prenzel. He was tempted to leave it and take to secondary roads, and he would have done so had he known the country better; but he dared not run the risk of losing his way. So he raced on, glancing behind him at frequent intervals to see if there were any signs of pursuit. Five minutes later, on a long straight piece of road, he saw behind him the blazing headlights of another car, following at a speed which told him that he was the object of it, for the needle

difficult for him the second headlamp had been knocked sideways, but did not break off; strangely enough the light remained on, but, blazing at an angle of forty-five degrees from its correct position, gave him a false sense of direction, with the result that he knocked an approaching policeman off his bicycle before he could switch the light off and get back on the crown of the road. Two shots hit the back of the car as he roared on down the street, hooting frantically, for there were several

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