Blood Sun (Danger Zone)

Blood Sun (Danger Zone)

David Gilman

Language: English

Pages: 432

ISBN: 0440422418

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

In the third novel by David Gilman starring Max Gordon, death has come to Dartmoor High. A student at Max's boarding school is found bloodied and lifeless in the London Underground. The dead boy was carrying an envelope with Max's name on it . . . an envelope that contains a mysterious clue about Max's mother's death.

Max has to find out the truth. His search takes him from the desolate hills of England to the endangered rain forest of Central America, where drug smugglers, deadly crocodiles, man-eating snakes, and flesh-stripping piranhas wait at every turn. But Max can't—won't—quit now. The answer Max Gordon is willing to die for lies deep within the heart of the dangerous forest. Will he stay alive long enough to reach it?

Cold-blooded killers. Deadly creatures in the night. Bone-crunching fear. For Max Gordon, there's no such thing as normal anymore.

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Jackson said the moment he heard Ridgeway’s voice. The MI5 man worked very unusual hours despite his seniority, but phone calls from anyone at this time of the morning always meant bad news. Max strained; the safe door edged onto his thumb, the weight of it telling Max that was as far as he could close it. He and Sayid scrunched themselves as small as possible. They could hear only one side of the conversation, but if it was serious, then it might have Jackson’s adrenaline pumping—and that would

questions all day, simply nodded, pointing through the huge main doors. “Across the central hall, through room twenty-four, down the north stairs. It’s there. And it’s about to close,” he warned. Max was already moving. A massive Roman lion built of stone, standing meters high, guarded the entrance. Maybe it once stood at the gates of the Colosseum, watching bloody fights to the death. He moved into the building’s central hall. It was vast, the size of Wembley Stadium. Max hoped there were no

looked as though he could rip him apart with his bare hands? But no one made a move toward him; instead, they looked to Alejandro. “He’s right, Carlos. The boy is right. What are you, an ignorant peasant?” Alejandro said. “Sí.” The man nodded. “You let a fish die slowly because you throw away a piece of plastic?” The man shrugged. Alejandro kicked open the lid of a box, and Max could see it was packed with grenades and snub-nosed machine pistols. Alejandro reached down and took out a

handing them to Max. “My name is Orsino Flint. I am a plant thief, but I have nothing to do with drug-running scum. Your mother was my enemy, but she would have been ashamed of you, Max Gordon.” The shock of hearing Flint mention his mother took some time to wear off. His first instinct was to run after the man and grab his arm, demanding he tell him where he had met his mother and what he knew about her. But, as the man declared that he and Max’s mother had been enemies, Max knew he had to

down onto his haunches. Xavier, who Max had had to pull up the last few meters, guzzled the water Flint offered him, spilling a lot of it down his chest. Max reached out and steadied his shaking hand. When they had all drunk and their breathing had settled, Flint crawled on another few meters and then pulled back a low branch. Beyond this fringe of trees lay a wasteland, half a kilometer of cleared land, a deep red scar across the landscape. “Armed men patrol this area. They have tree-cutting

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