Circling the Midnight Sun

Circling the Midnight Sun

James Raffan

Language: English

Pages: 268

ISBN: 1443405841

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

From seasoned traveller and bestselling author James Raffan comes a book that will transform the way we think about northerners and the north

Over the course of three years, James Raffan circumnavigated the globe at 66.6 degrees latitude: the Arctic Circle. Armed with his passion for the north, his interest in diverse cultures and his unquenchable sense of adventure, he set out to put a human face on climate change. What he discovered was by turns shocking, frustrating, entertaining and enlightening. In Circling the Midnight Sun, Raffan presents a warm-hearted, engaging portrait of the circumpolar world, but also a deeply affecting story of societies and landscapes in the throes of enormous change. Compelling and utterly original, this is both an adventure story and a book that will change your view of the north forever.

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the few places with a crime rate low enough to approach the national average. And they had to know and be affected by the fact that when they became teenagers, especially the boys, they would be forty times more likely to take their own lives than their counterparts in southern Canada. Nunavut is Canada’s newest territory and the circumpolar world’s grandest social experiment yet in self-government initiatives. It began with the splitting of the Northwest Territories in two and the signing of

Dorset, on an island off the south coast of Baffin Island, was like being in the vanguard of a rock star. People had lined up on shore to meet him and have their hands shaken. Eager faces wanted T-shirts signed, babies kissed … babies signed. Mostly, they wanted to speak to the man and have their stories affirmed of how CBC radio and television stitched North to South. As we milled about, a hunter appeared with a small ringed seal in a cardboard box on the back of an ATV. In no time, the seal

traditional knowledge is simply information which aboriginal peoples have about the land and animals with which they have a special relationship. But for aboriginal people, traditional knowledge is much more. One elder calls it “a common understanding of what life is about.” Knowledge is the condition of knowing something with familiarity gained through experience or association. The traditional knowledge of northern aboriginal peoples has roots based firmly in the northern landscape and a

others who felt that President Grímsson’s initiative ran contrary to the intentions of the Arctic Council and its multitude of working groups and adherent forums. Although it was not clearly specified in the pre-conference literature, the lingua franca of the conference was English, so participants needed personal translators; there was no simultaneous translation of any kind. And yet, as Alice Rogoff, an Alaskan publisher and co-founder of the conference, said in her opening remarks, the

made landfall in the West Fjords region of Hornstrandir, in northwestern Iceland. It shook itself off and wandered up the beach, only to be dispatched as a threat to public safety by the local police chief, who feared that it might make its way to one of the towns on the other side of the broad Húnaflói fjord. Icelanders have always done things a bit differently. The bear’s role in municipal politics is one example. In the wake of the country’s financial collapse in 2008, the comedian Jon Gnarr

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