Closer (Tunnels)

Closer (Tunnels)

Roderick Gordon

Language: English

Pages: 560

ISBN: 0545201160

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

"Begins with a bang and the pace never falters."*

At long last reunited with his dad, Will now spends his days exploring the land of the "second sun," decoding the cryptic glyphs on its three mysterious temples -- or eyeing the wild animals with renegade girl Elliott.

But an army of darkness is on the march. And the ruthless Rebeccas have once more cheated death. With a corps of cold-blooded Limiters at their command, they're determined to hunt Will to the bitter innards of the earth.

Closer to victory, or closer to death? This time, who won't escape with their life?

The fourth book in the New York Times Bestselling TUNNELS series.

Biggles and the Black Mask

Dualed (Dualed, Book 1)

Veteran (Veteran, Book 1)

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stainless-steel structures, between which there were slimmer columns and a lattice of intricate pipe work, also of highly polished stainless steel. Small puffs of steam or white gas issued from multiple valves around the installation, hissing fiercely as if it was complaining to itself about having to work in the oppressive heat. Now able to move more quickly on the solid surface, Rebecca noticed that the wall ended just before this new complex. As she reached the corner, she found that to her

Chester had no problem in recognizing the doorway Drake had described to him, and they carried the trunk inside. They made their way to the second door, which led down to the cellar. “Don’t we need a key for this?” Mr. Rawls asked as he saw the lock. “No, Drake said he’d take care of it,” Chester replied, placing a hand on the old wooden door and pushing. As it swung inward, he glanced at where the bolt from the mortise lock should have engaged in the door frame. “Sometimes the simplest

plumelike hackles. As Drake looked away from these, he caught the Styx scrutinizing him, and met his impenetrable eyes. “Something on your mind?” the Styx divined. There were a thousand questions Drake wanted to ask this man, but he resolved not to bombard him with them all at once. “Yes, there is something. You know my name, but what do I call you? I’m aware the Styx don’t have names … well, not ones that any Topsoiler can pronounce,” Drake said a little awkwardly. The Limiter considered this

here,” Will said, his patience wearing thin as his father continued to babble excitedly. At that very moment, Will’s priority was to locate his Sten gun, but there was no sign of it anywhere. “Blast it!” Dr. Burrows said, as the match burned his fingers and went out. As darkness swamped them again, Will could hear him scrabbling with the packet. With another match lit, Dr. Burrows moved over the map in the direction of the far wall. What was on it immediately caught his attention. There were

phial, which she held up to the light to examine. A massive grin spread across her face as she gave her sister and the Limiter General the thumbs-up. “We’ve got it!” she howled triumphantly. The helicopter was a hundred and fifty feet off the ground as Rebecca One spun around to the waiting Limiters, about to give them the order to open fire on it. “I wouldn’t recommend that,” the Limiter General said, laying a hand on her arm. “Look over there.” The New Germanian troops had come out to watch

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