Equinus the Spirit Horse (Beast Quest, Book 20)

Equinus the Spirit Horse (Beast Quest, Book 20)

Adam Blade, Jan Burchett, Sara Vogler

Language: English

Pages: 28

ISBN: 2:00310825

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Fight the Beasts. Fear the magic
Equinus the Spirit Horse crashes through the forests of the Forbidden Land, stealing the life force of other creatures. Tom must dodge the Ghost Beast's flying hooves and take the fragment of Amulet that Equinus guards- or Tom's father will remain a ghost forever

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exclaimed. “Come on!” This time Elenna didn’t try to stop him. The two friends didn’t stop running until they burst out onto the plain. “There’s the oak tree!” yelled Elenna. “And there’s Storm!” cried Tom happily. “And Silver!” The two friends sprinted across the dusty earth to meet their faithful animals. Silver yelped in delight, and Tom untied his horse’s reins from the tree and flung his arms around Storm’s neck before burying his face in his mane. He gazed intently into Storm’s brown

golden boots and the golden gauntlets. It appeared that he was losing his powers in the reverse order to which he had gained them. Therefore, if he succeeded in defeating the next Ghost Beast, Rashouk the Cave Troll, he would probably lose the power of the leg armor and would no longer have his increased speed. “Which way shall we ride?” asked Elenna, snapping Tom out of his thoughts. “Map!” he commanded, stretching out a hand. The air shimmered as a ghostly map appeared before his eyes. It

before, they had defeated Nixa the Death Bringer, one of Malvel’s evil Ghost Beasts, and Tom was glad to be leaving the dark and the memories of the shape-shifter behind. “We’ll soon be out of here,” declared Elenna, tightening the coil of rope around her waist. “And the sooner, the better.” “It was a hard Quest,” said Tom. “But we won in the end.” “And we’ve got back the first piece of the amulet for your father,” said Elenna with a grin. “I know we’ve got five more to go, but it’s a good

here and look after Storm,” she told him. “We will be back as soon as we can.” Silver seemed to understand. He gave the stallion a friendly nudge and then took a bold stance next to him. “He won’t let us down.” Elenna smiled. Silver gave Elenna’s hand an eager lick, but Storm stood motionless as the two friends said good-bye to him. Tom wrenched his gaze away from his horse and turned resolutely toward the dreaded forest. As they headed for the trees, Tom couldn’t help but conjure up in his

looked up and saw the massive tree that they’d just climbed toppling toward them. “Watch out!” yelled Tom. They dove out of the way just as the tree hit the ground, missing them by a hairbreadth. The wind gusted madly around them for a moment and, with a final howl of fury, blew away. The jungle was suddenly silent again. “Looks like Malvel has given up,” Tom said with a grin as he and his friend staggered to their feet. Tom reached into his pocket for the piece of the amulet. Then he took hold

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