False Horizon (Rogue Angel, Book 29)

False Horizon (Rogue Angel, Book 29)

Alex Archer, Jon F. Merz

Language: English

Pages: 178

ISBN: 2:00307079

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

A small Nepali man melts into shadows. A cutthroat crime lord is looking for a miraculous cure. And a map to an impossible dream and a mythic paradise is pointing the way.

Archaeologist Annja Creed is in Katmandu, awash in its scents, sounds and liveliness. But this is no sightseeing trip. An old friend is in possession of a map that leads to a place that lies outside our world. But the map is known to one other¿a vicious man who has Annja and her companions right where he wants them. Her hand forced, Annja sets out in search of the fabled Shangri-La¿an expedition of danger and subversion.

And her journey will end only with triumph...or tragedy.

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now, but it belongs to me.” “As you say,” Annja said. “So we find this place and then what? We come back and tell you about it and that’s it?” “Yes.” “And Mike’s debt of the fifty grand?” “Forgiven.” “You’re serious?” Tsing nodded. “Absolutely. The map is mine and I paid for it. I want only what I cannot achieve on my own. You must locate the exact position of the fabled land and then come back to me. What I do from that point on is no longer any concern of yours. Any attempt to meddle with

trying to muscle their way through the city to the nasally beep-beeps of motorbikes threading through paths barely wide enough to accommodate them, the air felt thick with driver frustration. Annja smiled as she reached the outskirts of Thamel and entered the quieter enclave. Traffic was significantly lighter. Rickshaws pulled past her and she waved two of them off. Small motorbikes zipped by, some of the drivers pausing to stare at her. Annja shook her head. She knew she was probably quite

noticed. “Yes, this is much deeper into the mountain now. And you can feel the temperature shift, can’t you?” “Yes, it’s much cooler.” Guge nodded. “So, you see that we are part of the same mountain. But our position makes all the difference.” “How is that possible?” “It just is.” Tuk frowned. “Forgive me father, but that’s not much of an explanation.” Guge turned around and, for a moment, Tuk thought his father was angered. But the expression faded then and Guge merely smiled. “Do not

she attempted to cut down. Hsu Xiao raked her claws across Annja’s midsection. Annja felt like a razor had just passed over her belly and she let out a gasping breath. Hsu Xiao rolled away again, just out of range. Annja put one hand against her stomach and it came away wet, red and sticky. She’s going to slice me apart, Annja thought. She dropped back and waited for Hsu Xiao to come at her again. But Hsu Xiao only smiled. There was no way she was going to be fooled that easily. Annja circled

flexibility and more freedom to pursue what needs to be done without a whole bunch of hamstringing oversight.” “If you say so.” “Don’t be upset with me, Annja. I feel bad enough that I had to get you involved in this. It’s all my fault that this happened to you and you got so banged up. But I needed you to come along or I never would have been able to sell it to Tsing.” “Sell what to Tsing?” Mike sighed. “For a long time now, the Agency has suspected that the Chinese have been dumping nuclear

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