God of Thunder (Rogue Angel, Book 7)

God of Thunder (Rogue Angel, Book 7)

Alex Archer, Mel Odom

Language: English

Pages: 169

ISBN: 2:00307267

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Archaeologist Annja Creed narrowly escapes an attack by unknown figures when she tries to collect a package near her loft. She later learns that the sender--an old colleague named Fellini--has been brutally murdered. Fellini had been researching the Hammer of Thor, the Norse god of thunder, and had linked it to a Viking warrior and a twelfth-century Latvian village. A coded message in Fellini's package leads Annja on a wild chase along the canals of Venice to Latvia for more clues to an ancient treasure. Rumored to be hidden deep in the forests of Latvia for nine hundred years, this fabled prize is also sought by a ruthless corps of mercenaries. And they will do anything to find it. Including killing Annja Creed.

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progression. A lot of curators and archaeologists who loved their work had told her that. Since then, she'd experienced that feeling when she'd explained something to someone who ended up being more interested than they'd thought they would. "So Mario sent you this tile as a warning?" Nikolai asked. Annja looked at the handwritten note again. "He says he wanted me to authenticate it." She didn't mention anything about the bar in Haltwhistle. "Then this could be worth a lot of money? If it's

cup and found it was empty. Annja took it from him, rinsed it out in the sink and poured him a fresh cup. The friendship gesture seemed to ease some of the tension and awkwardness between them. "Do you know what Mario Fellini was doing here?" Bart asked. Annja shook her head and sat on the corner of the desk so she could still see the computer monitor. "I was in Florida until this morning." "I know. I checked." "And I haven't had any direct contact with Mario." "I know that, too." Bart

family members looking down from the high walls. For all of his life, those faces had looked down on him, painted with his grandmother's disdain. He knew arguing with her wouldn't do any good. His grandmother would have her way. Only the price for his defiance would go up. As gracefully as he could, he made his exit, then ascended the winding staircase to his rooms. Because his grandmother could no longer go up and down the stairs due to her increasing infirmity, all the rooms on the upper two

Schluter. He was a Teutonic knight. A devoutly religious man who worked to carry out the mission of the order." Garin took that information with a grain of salt. Kikka had always overemphasized her ancestors' successes and altruism. Garin had known her father. Baron Erich Schluter had been a fierce military man, a warrior on the battlefield who in the end had been forced to turn from Hitler. "While he was there, establishing churches and spreading Christianity – " At the end of a sword, Garin

going to play around with them. You get expensive things here, Annja, but you're not the only client I have that does." "Right. So what did Agent Smith do?" "What did he do? He left is what he did." "Did the police come?" "An hour or so later, sure. Evidently my call wasn't very important." "Did you file a report?" "I did. But I kept your name out of it. I just told them that someone using government ID wanted to go through the packages." "What did the police say?" Only two people

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