Little Boy Lost (The Librarian, Book 1)

Little Boy Lost (The Librarian, Book 1)

Eric Hobbs

Language: English

Pages: 73

ISBN: 2:00187349

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Wesley Bates thinks his life pretty much sucks. He's landed at the bottom of his school's popularity ladder, and bully Randy Stanford seems to be waiting around every corner.

The troubled teen thinks he's found a way to escape his real-world problems when he stumbles upon strange doorways in Astoria's local library that seem to lead into the extraordinary worlds from all his favorite books. Oz, Neverland, Wonderland -- they're all a reality with Wesley's new discovery. Wesley teams with best friend Taylor Williams to embark on a great adventure, both ready to leave the drama of middle school behind.

But the two kids quickly find themselves embroiled in a centuries-old battle for the library and the magic hiding within. Now, fighting alongside the eccentric old man who's vowed to protect the building's power, the pair must help ward off an attack by a shadowy group with a strange tie to Wesley's nemesis, forcing Wesley to face the fears he's been dodging... and one of the most terrifying bullies of all time!

Exclusive to Amazon's Kindle, The Librarian is a thrilling new series that provides kids an opportunity to experience the world’s most beloved fantasy novels in a brand new way – through the eyes of children just like them. And the fun doesn't stop there! Librarian author Eric Hobbs has teamed with The Sylvan Learning Center to launch The Librarian Book Club. Toward the back of the book, each copy of The Librarian contains an exclusive invitation to join. Open to students in grades K-8, the club will bring kids together from around the globe to compete in a monthly reading contest where they’ll have a chance to win exciting prizes: gift cards, autographed books, new toys, video games, DVDs, iPods…even a brand new Kindle Fire! All kids have to do is answer questions about the books they’re currently reading! That’s it! It’s that easy! Pick up the book an join the book club today!

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just a reflex reaction, like that time he kicked Dr. Travis when she hit him on the knee with her tiny hammer. "C'mon, Wes!" "Yes," a grumpy voice said from behind him. "Come, Wes." Wesley turned just in time to see the trunk's bark pull away from the tree to reveal two eyes hiding in the tree's flesh. Eyes in the tree. They looked human. A mouth with sharp teeth and wooden lips appeared beneath the eyes. It was filled with wet muck that came alive with the worms crawling through it. "Do it!"

this because she had so many friends. It rarely lasted. She was Wesley's best friend and never forgot to include him. And yet, for some reason, he worried she might today. "Good job, Wes." Wesley turned. The face in the tree's trunk had reappeared near its massive base. It didn't seem nearly as horrifying as it had before. "Umm... yeah... thanks!" Wesley took off and the strange being disappeared into the tree's trunk again. He caught up to Locke who was already trailing a good distance

will." "Yeah, maybe." Taylor studied the intricacies of the carving. Each stone on the beach and every ripple of the water had been carved with incredible care and impossible detail. "Is that... that's a mermaid!" "What?!" Wesley exclaimed. "Let me see." Taylor stepped aside to give him a better view. Sure enough, there were small mermaids swimming alongside the wooden ship. The creatures seemed to be locked in an epic battle with the men aboard the vessel, though Wesley couldn't be sure.

Easton's students sat patiently on long wooden pews in a small auditorium. Most were talking quietly with a neighbor, but Wesley and Taylor had spent so much of their tour bickering that they were through talking. Taylor sat with arms folded across her chest. Wesley had his head turned away from her, eavesdropping on the kids in the row directly behind him. "My mom says the Librarian has secret passages built through this whole building." Wesley recognized the whiny voice. It was the girl in

to pick a winner, but there was one essay in particular that stood out from the rest. I'd be honored if its author would take the stage and give it a read so everyone can enjoy it just as much as I have. After all, if I can't convince you there's magic in the written word – maybe he can. His essay is called Running Away With Fiction." Wesley let his shoulders slump as any confidence he gained during the Librarian's speech rushed from his body like the air out of a dying balloon. "Come up to claim

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