Lost Girls: An Unsolved American Mystery

Lost Girls: An Unsolved American Mystery

Robert Kolker

Language: English

Pages: 416

ISBN: 0062183656

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

A Publishers Weekly Top Ten Book of 2013

Award-winning investigative reporter Robert Kolker delivers a humanizing account of the true-life search for a serial killer still at large on Long Island, and presents the first detailed look at the shadow world of online escorts, where making a living is easier than ever and the dangers remain all too real. A triumph of reporting, a riveting narrative, and "a lashing critique of how society and the police let five young women down" (Dwight Garner, New York Times), Lost Girls is a portrait of unsolved murders in an idyllic part of America, of the underside of the Internet, and of the secrets we keep without admitting to ourselves that we keep them.

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Dorset Murders














doctor who made house calls. He could also be a braggart, puffing out his chest and playing the big shot in a way that invited resentment, an attitude that ran him into trouble professionally. For two years in the nineties, Hackett had served as the head of EMS for Suffolk County, leading the response to the crash of TWA Flight 800 off the shore of Montauk in 1996. A year after the disaster, Hackett resigned over what he called policy differences with his superiors. Newsday reported on disputes

swirling around him, citing critics who painted him as “an erratic would-be hero who embellished his achievements and meddled with the volunteers’ work while neglecting his job as an administrator.” Hackett had claimed that hours after Flight 800 exploded, the Coast Guard flew him out to the wreckage and lowered him onto the deck of a yacht, where he swam through the fuel-slicked water to examine a body. The Coast Guard later denied that such a thing happened or would have been possible. In

minutes, my niece, most likely, would be alive,” she said. “She was on the phone with police for more than twenty minutes. Why did no one get there?” Neighbors maintained their standoff with the news trucks in the parking lot, resenting the attention, wondering when life would go back to normal, and while the police awaited word from New York City on DNA matches, the search for Shannan went on. From the Robert Moses Causeway to the Nassau County line, the police charted out a search area,

mother that Melissa had a car service ferry her back and forth while Amanda waited in the house for her to call and say she was okay. Lynn had always considered her older daughter a force of nature, independent and self-reliant. Now all she could do was wonder what more she and Jeff could have done to persuade her to come home. Amanda had a hard time in school, missing classes and staying home, depressed. A full year passed with no word. Lynn and Jeff threw themselves into their work. Lynn had

care. If nothing else, Mari was relieved. Before speaking with Bruce, she said, she had begun to wonder if she had dreamed up the whole thing. Gus Coletti spent much of his time sitting on the porch of his two-story house on the Fairway, down the road and around the corner from the Scalise family, watching for strange cars coming through the Oak Beach gate. He and his wife, Laura, have lived in Oak Beach for thirty years. They bought their bungalow for twenty-two thousand dollars, and they

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