Off the Page

Off the Page

Jodi Picoult

Language: English

Pages: 368

ISBN: 0553535595

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

From #1 New York Times bestselling authors Jodi Picoult and Samantha van Leer, OFF THE PAGE is a tender and appealing YA novel filled with romance, humor, and adventure.
Delilah and Oliver shouldn’t be together. But they are together. And just as they’re getting used to the possibility that happily ever after may really, truly be theirs, the universe sends them a message they can’t ignore: they won’t be allowed to rewrite their story.
Delilah and Oliver must decide how much they’re willing to risk for love and what it takes to have a happy ending in a world where the greatest adventures happen off the page.

Off the Page is just so sweet and magical. In high school, I would have given ANYTHING to crawl inside one of my favorite books to escape the real world. I wish!”—SARAH DESSEN, #1 New York Times bestselling author of Saint Anything

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like me. Girls spend their lives dreaming of that perfect guy but always wind up settling when they realize he doesn’t exist. I found mine—but he was trapped inside a fairy tale. Since that’s the only world he’s ever lived in, acclimating to this one has been a bit of a challenge. How he came to be real—and mine—is a long story…but it’s been the biggest adventure of my life. So far, anyway. “Delilah!” I hear, and I turn around to see my best friend, Jules, barreling toward me. We hug like

Seraphima blushes. “He said I don’t look a day over sixteen,” she translates. “How can you talk to him?” “Oh, Ollie, what did you think princesses do in finishing school? I live in a tower. My best friend for four years was a bird. I’m fluent in Animal. Except Fish. They always sound a little muddled to me.” She glances at me. “Peasant? Might you draw me a bath? It’s been a very trying travel day.” “No, Seraphima. This is Delilah.” “Oh. Sorry.” She smiles at me. “Delilah? Might you draw me a

as if you’re not important. For the moment you opened this tale, your mind awakened the characters. If a tree falls in the forest and no one is there to hear it, does it really fall? If a character sits in a book and no one reads it, is he truly alive? As your eyes moved across the pages, as you heard the story in your head, the characters moved for you, spoke for you, felt for you. So you see, it’s quite difficult to know who owns a story. Is it the writer, who crafted it? The characters, who

between us in the book? I was lying to you. I had to, because I was lying to myself too. It just seemed so Disney to finally find a guy who didn’t go running for the hills when I said that a human head stays conscious for fifteen seconds after it’s cut off.” “Yeah, I’m pretty sure our relationship is the plot of the next Pixar short,” I told her. Jules had laughed. “Jeez. Just my luck. What’s that saying? All the good guys are either taken, gay, or stuck in a children’s fairy tale.” I knew

Seraphima, who formerly couldn’t hold a single thought in her pretty little head, now talks nonstop about black holes and pulsars and quasars. When he’s not flying missions, though, I hear Edgar spends a lot of time on page 43, talking to Jules. I glance at the clock and hurry downstairs. I want to get to Delilah’s house as early as possible. I have something I can’t wait to show her. Maureen glances up over a tiered cake. The fondant is already setting; she’s piped pink petals along the edge,

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