Paradox (Rogue Angel, Book 21)

Paradox (Rogue Angel, Book 21)

Alex Archer, Victor Milán

Language: English

Pages: 187

ISBN: 2:00306498

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Sent to lead an expedition to find Noah's Ark in the mountains of eastern Turkey, Annja Creed begins to realize that while it saved humanity once, it could not spell it's destruction.

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room. Maps had been spread out on the large table. Charlie and most of his posse were there along with Annja and the recently arrived Chasing History's Monsters crew. "That's right," Leif Baron said, sitting on the couch. He wore tan trousers, a white polo shirt and tan boots with pale crepe soles. Annja suspected the shirt was deliberately tight to emphasize his ripped physique. It was ripped, no denying—so much so that Annja suspected it wasn't entirely natural development. "A guy named Ron

well see things our masculine egos blind the rest of us to." He didn't say anything about Trish, the only other woman in the party. Annja tended to agree with the tacit assumption that Trish wouldn't be much use in danger. She wasn't at all abashed about that judgment, either. It wasn't about being male or female but about experience and courage. Abundantly blessed with physical courage, Annja tended not to be awed by it. She was more interested in the moral kind, herself. That to her mind was

really appreciate. It was a game Annja was far too familiar with. She'd played for such stakes before. She didn't doubt she would again. But not for a wild-goose chase like this. "Gentlemen," she said, "thank you for a wonderful dinner. And now, if you'll excuse me, I have to get home. I got an early start this morning." That was true. And while the flight from Montreal to New York had been anything but lengthy the attendant hassles and stresses of air travel constituted a sort of irreducible

on the taphonomy of wood." "Taphonomy?" Charlie asked. "The study of how things fossilize," Robyn Wilfork said. "Goodness me. I think I need a drink!" "We need to remain scientific and systematic," Annja said, raising her voice to try to burst the bubble of excited comments flooding the cavernous space. "We can't jump to conclusions—" She became aware of Baron's vindicated smirk. Charlie Bostitch had tears running down his big saggy cheeks. "We need to set up camp outside," Bostitch said. "I

could barely make out anything but his eyes, long-lashed and shining at her through goggles and thick glasses. If he falls, he'll take me with him, she thought grimly. No matter where they moved laterally across the ice wall she didn't dare set an anchor to fast rope down and rapidly increase the distance between them and those who sought their lives. The anchor would give away their new line of descent, and defeat the whole purpose of moving sideways in the first place. From above Annja heard

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