Pretender's Gambit (Rogue Angel, Book 51)

Pretender's Gambit (Rogue Angel, Book 51)

Alex Archer, Mel Odom

Language: English

Pages: 194

ISBN: 2:00307130

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

With one small chess piece, the game begins…

For archaeologist and TV host Annja Creed, a late-night phone call from the NYPD means one thing: there's been a murder and the police need her expertise. The only link between a dead body and the killer is a small elephant of white jade. An artifact that's gone missing.

Once belonging to Catherine the Great of Russia, the elephant was key in a risky political gambit all those years ago. But there is another story attached to the artifact—a rumor of an ancient hidden treasure. And for a cruelly ambitious media mogul with a penchant for tomb-raiding, the elephant is nothing short of priceless.

Annja must make her move quickly, traveling across several continents with only the assistance of her extraordinary sword—purportedly the same sword wielded by Joan of Arc—and a mysterious temple monk. It's a deadly battle of wits, and one wrong move could mean game over.

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the layout. Even though the central dome was ahead of her, there was an inner wall set back thirty feet. One of the young monks strode forward, drawn by the need to see more, faster. Annja recognized the same feelings inside herself, but she was able to rein them in. The young monk stepped on a section of the flooring a few feet from her and the stone quivered just long enough to warn Annja about what was going to happen. “Get back!” she yelled even as she hurled herself forward toward the

covered in the folds of his palm. Now he bent the metal and hooked it into the cuff on his right wrist. He didn’t need both open if that wasn’t possible, but managed it more easily than he’d believed. The locks had been simple, and he was dexterous, but he’d had to be patient, as well. That was made harder because he didn’t know how far they planned on taking him. The two policemen in the front seat on the other side of the metal mesh barricade separating the rear seat from the front talked

chest, hooked into a charging station in the wall next to her seat. First class was awesome that way. She blinked her eyes and glanced at the compartment around her. Most of the other passengers were engaged in quiet conversations, read, watched the onboard movie or slept. Beside her, Klykov snored slightly. His fedora rested on his chest and rose and fell with his breaths. “Where are you?” This time Annja recognized Doug Morrell’s voice. “I’m on a plane.” “Going where?” “To Odessa.”

come from one of those areas, he might very well know where it came from.” Annja hoped it wasn’t that easy. She loved the chase. When things were just handed to her, a lot of the excitement was lost. She took the paper, folded it and stored it in her tablet cover. “I’ll give him a call in the morning and see if we can work something out.” “Perhaps,” Klykov said, “this Professor Ishii will also know why Nguyen Rao pursues the elephant so rigorously, as well. You have so many mysteries, and so

“Perhaps. But there is a way to find out.” “How?” “The myth goes on to say that documents regarding the Elephant of Ishana were taken from the monks that arrived there. They are kept in a small museum on Dejima. I have arranged permission to go there today and look over them.” Ishii spread his hands. “Unless you’d prefer to go by your hotel rooms first?” Annja looked at Klykov. “If you do not mind,” Klykov said, “there is one stop I would like to make first. It will not take but a moment. I

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