Repulse Monkey: 2

Repulse Monkey: 2

Dick Cluster

Language: English

Pages: 197

ISBN: 0525248110

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Stated First Edition. A near fine copy in a fine dust jacket. Soiling to the edges of the book's upper page block. Review copy with publisher's folded, 8 1/2" x 11" letter laid in. Rubbing along the upper edges of the letter.

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feet, hip-width apart, and tried to feel a connection between the earth and the soles of his feet. It was a relief to give both his mind and his body to the tai chi form, to surrender to its infinitely detailed pattern, its sequence, to strive without striving, to search for stillness in motion and for motion in stillness. It was a hell of a lot more wholesome than speaking in coded whispers to ski resort employees, searching for the college-educated hookers that Caroline Davis had known. 7.

in. It’s in a sling now, under here. I got to rest it, that’s all, so it won’t pop out again. They say I’m stuck in the sling for a couple months. I guess you want me to explain some things.” “That’s right. But I called a lawyer, a good friend. I want you to tell it to him while you’re telling it to me. If either of us gets busted, I want him to already know what’s going on.” “What about Professor Phillips?” “No. Though I am going to call her, after. We need to pick a place to meet the lawyer.

that’s your first space on your own.” He thought of Suzanne’s room in Dorchester. “I mean, the driver’s seat of your first car, or a dormitory room, a bedroom in an apartment with other kids…” “No, what was weird, if you call it that, was Scat didn’t feel that way. He said he needed to own something in this valley, like that place was his log cabin or something.” “What do you mean?” Alex asked. “Well, he said to me one time, ‘Doesn’t your mother’s family have some valley in Italy? Someplace

to go, half an hour ago, when you called to warn her I was in the hands of the local constable and you thought I might be about to turn her in?” “Why?” Natalie repeated. She folded her arms in a way that meant she was not going to be hurried. “I’m not trying to be unreasonable. But I need reasons that I should give you answers. That woman Lena, she had reasons. We could hurt her, at least if we were who she thought. Plus she was scared. Plus the Lutheran choir girl inside her thought she really

up by Contocasset Brook. They’ll be looking for her here in the Woods, but nobody will ever think to look for her up there.” Hikers’ cabin. Alex remembered a cabin shown on the map of wilderness trails beside the Parker House. “You can drive there?” Alex said. “No, Ski-doo. I dropped her off, then came back looking for you. She wanted me to tell you where she was. It’s a safe place. The safest I could think of anyway.” He looked at Alex expectantly. His thumb rubbed back and forth along the

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