Shock Wave (Dirk Pitt Adventure)

Shock Wave (Dirk Pitt Adventure)

Clive Cussler

Language: English

Pages: 672

ISBN: 1416587101

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

A Mysterious Plague in the Antarctic...
A Diamond Empire Run by an Evil Genius...
A Devastating New Technology...

NUMA agent DIRK PITT® is investigating the baffling deaths of thousands of Antarctic marine animals when he stumbles on something even more chilling. The passengers and crew of a cruise ship all died simultaneously and instantly, leaving stranded on a remote island whaling station a small party of tourists led by the beautiful Maeve Fletcher. And the carnage is just beginning, as Pitt's investigation leads him to Maeve's estranged father and sisters, owners of the global diamond cartel Dorsett Consolidated Mining. From a chilling escape at a high-security Canadian mine to a tiny boat adrift on lonely, shark-infested seas, the ingenious Pitt is racing to thwart Dorsett's ruthless plans -- before an unthinkable disaster claims millions of innocent lives!

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helm was leaning against a small folding dining table, and a pair of binoculars was tied to a spoke. Generated by ABC Amber LIT Converter, Pitt leaned over the skeleton, gently removed the logbook and left the hut. "What did you find?" asked Maeve with burning curiosity. "Let me guess," said Giordino. "A humongous chest full of pirate treasure." Pitt shook his head.' "Not this trip. What I found was the man who sailed the Dancing Dorothy onto the rocks.

one time. It was obvious to the seamen from the ship that their lives were in great jeopardy; the planked deck of the raft was only four inches above the water. If confronted with a rough sea, the raft and its unfortunate passengers would be immersed. Scaggs hung the compass on the mast forward of the tiller. "Set sail, Mr. Ramsey. Steer a heading of one-fifteen degrees east-southeast." "Aye, Captain. We'll not try for Australia, then?" "Our best hope is the west coast of New Zealand." "How

high living." A distant look reflected in Pitt's eyes. "What is it about diamonds that gives them so much allure? Why do men and women kill for them? Why have nations and governments risen and fallen because of them?" "Besides their beauty after being cut and polished, diamonds have unique qualities. They happen to be the hardest known substance in the world. Rub one against silk and it produces a positive electrostatic charge. Expose it to the setting sun and it will later glow in the dark

Broadmoor's village was still thirty kilometers away. "They're coming around for another pass," said Pitt. "No sense in attempting the same dodge." Pitt nodded. "I agree. The pilot will be expecting it. This time pull back on the control column and do an Immelmann." "What's an Immelmann?" Generated by ABC Amber LIT Converter, Pitt looked at him. "You don't know? How long have you been flying, for God's sake?" "Twenty-one hours, give or take." "Oh,

could swing his craft around 180 degrees. Pitt shook his head in dazed incredulity and checked his body for wounds. Except for a rash of small cuts on his face from slivers that had flown off the shattered windshield, he was unscathed. The Beaver was in level flight, and the radial engine was still roaring smoothly at full revolutions. The engine was the only part of the plane that hadn't been riddled with bullets. He looked at Stokes sharply. "Are you okay?" Stokes slowly turned and gazed at

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