Silver (Pirates of the Caribbean: Jack Sparrow #6)

Silver (Pirates of the Caribbean: Jack Sparrow #6)

Rob Kidd

Language: English

Pages: 128

ISBN: 1423101693

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

When Tumen and Jean overhear talk of hidden silver, Jack decides that they must seek it out. It might not be gold, but it sure beats bronze. But the Silver they find is not the silver they were expecting. They’ve gotten themselves in trouble again, this time with a brutal pirate named Long John. 

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using his famous fancy footwork to fight two pirates at once. He advanced, pushing them backward to the prow. His shiny sword glittered and clanged. He parried their every blow with ease. "Yes! Retreat, you blackguards!" Fitzwilliam called out enthusiastically.It wasn't quite the glorious duel against villains that the nobleman's son had always imagined. Rather than rallying against him for a good fight, the cowards kept backing up, away from his blows.And when they finally ran out of deck, they

grinning. I don't know what happened to my mom and da'."His eyes were very bright with memory in the lantern light."There now, lad," Fitzwilliam said a little awkwardly. "Go on," Jack prodded the boy."I stowed away on the first fishing vessel I could find that was headed to Barbados," Tim continued after collecting himself. "My uncle lives there. I thought I could live with him, and together we could find my family. Maybe they were still alive. Maybe they were already on their way to see him.

could just make out the water parting and the foam rising from where the ship should have been. It was heading north."Well," Jean said, speaking for everyone, "what shall we do now?""We should go back to Tumen's village and return the medallion to his great-grand-father," Jean pointed out. But he really didn't like the idea of Arabella being hauled off by her pirate mother."That would be the most reasonable course of action," Fitzwilliam agreed. "We made a promise. We owe a debt.""Reasonable?

matter how much she pretended she wasn't. He sighed. They would probably wind up having to figure out some way to rescue her, too.Louis and Silverback climbed out of the hatch, 'fighting as usual.Yer a yellow-bellied, scrawrly whelp of a man!" Louis bellowed with enthusiasm. Mr. Reece saw the two and frowned. He marched up to them, his bright blue eyes blazing. "May I remind you the Captain has ordered that you remain below deck for a time?" Silverback turned to the first mate and grinned--a

pirate would look like turned to bronze. Might make a nice hat rack. He slid back another foot."You have no idea what you're holding," Silverback pointed out, stepping forward again. "A mere child like you. You could never use the medallion to its full potential.""I'm a quick learner," Jack disagreed, with a grin. "GIVE ME BACK MY MEDALLION!" Silverback screamed, completely losing his temper. He lunged. Jack leaped back.Silverback gritted his teeth. The crystal tooth and his leg began to glow

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