Soldier of Fortune

Soldier of Fortune

Edward Marston

Language: English

Pages: 288

ISBN: 0749080884

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The dashing Captain Daniel Rawson – spy, linguist, duellist, ladies’ man and career soldier – can charm a lady as well as he can parry a sword. And whether it is extracting information from the wife of a French general or leading his soldiers in a Forlorn Hope, Rawson proves himself invaluable to John Churchill, the Duke of Marlborough, and the Confederate forces as they head towards the ferocious battle of Blenheim. But on their march across Europe, Rawson discovers he has two very different camps of pursuers. The beautiful Abigail Piper, with whom Rawson enjoyed a brief flirtation whilst in London, is determined to get her man. A soldier couldn’t dare hope for a lovelier distraction, but the battlefield is no place for a lady. Also hot on Rawson’s heels are the murderous servants of the General Salignac, the latest man Daniel cuckolded. Their instructions are simple – kill Rawson and bring back proof. A simple order, but have they underestimated their target?


"Seething with intrigue and packed with swashbuckling heroics..."
Quarterdeck Magazine, 2009/05

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many French and Bavarian soldiers hurtled madly across one of the pontoon bridges that it broke under the combined weight and tossed everyone into the water. Scores of them who could not swim were drowned in the Danube and many of those who did strike out for the south bank were picked off by Confederate musketry. It was a scene of absolute carnage. To complete the rout, Marlborough let loose his cavalry, and his remounted dragoons, in hot pursuit of the fleeing enemy and the fugitives were

He could hear banter from inside a few of the tents and a lone voice was actually singing a welcome to the new day. But, in general, there was a tranquil air to the camp. It soon changed. Daniel went around the angle of a tent to be met by unexpected danger. A figure jumped out to accost him. Arms spread wide, the man was in a menacing crouch, ready to spring. Daniel reacted with lightning speed, grappling with him as his attacker lunged forward then flinging him violently to the ground. It was

sleep and you won't get any if you're watching her all night. Why not share the burden, Charles? You stand guard for a couple of hours then I'll take over.' 'We both know what would happen in that event.' 'I won't lay a finger on her, I swear it.' 'You can't help yourself, Frédéric.' Seurel exploded. 'A man has his needs, for heaven's sake!' 'Miss Piper deserves to be treated with respect.' 'That's exactly what I'll do,' said Seurel, shooting her a glance. 'When I've had my sport with her,

That's not bravery, my lord, it's sheer bloody madness.' Daniel Rawson did not slow down until he was well clear of Augsburg. If the dead soldier was discovered, and if it transpired that someone had left by the main gate in a uniform taken from the corpse, there would definitely be a chase. Daniel was still deep behind enemy lines and he could not afford to relax. At the same time, he could not over-tax his horse by pushing him too hard. Stopping at the first village, he went into a tavern to

Welbeck, striking a wistful note. 'Skirmishes and sieges were the order of the day then. That kept the losses down. More of our troops stayed alive. It's not easy to replace dead soldiers and damaged equipment, Dan. I vote for a siege every time.' 'Then you should have ridden off with the Margrave of Baden,' said Daniel. 'He's going to invest Ingolstadt. We must have a second crossing over the Danube in case the one at Donauworth comes under threat. Ingolstadt will be battered until resistance

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