Super Giant Monster Time! (Choose Your Own Mind-Fuck Fest #3)

Super Giant Monster Time! (Choose Your Own Mind-Fuck Fest #3)

Jeff Burk

Language: English

Pages: 188

ISBN: 1933929960

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Will you escape the giant monsters that are rampaging the fuck out of your city? Aliens are invading the Earth and their ray guns turn people into violent punk rockers. At the same time, the city is being overtaken by giant monsters tougher than Godzilla and Mothra combined. You can choose to be a lone scientist trapped in a secret government lab on a remote island swarming with monstrous killer insects, a badass punk rock chick with a green mohawk caught in a bar room brawl as the city goes up in flames around her, or a desk jockey forced to endure tedious office duties while his building is being attacked by a gargantuan centipede with claws the size of sports utility vehicles. Which character will you become? To become the scientist, turn to page 149. To become the punk chick, turn to page 11. To become the office drone, turn to page 77. But choose wisely! You might conquer a fleet of alien saucers with the help of a high-flying monster-slicing super cat or drown in a giant monster's pool of sperm as it butt-fucks your office building. What will happen next? That's up to you! When the story hits a fork in the road, you get to choose which path to take. The ending will always be different depending on your decisions. Not only that, you can read this book over and over again for a new experience every time!

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at your former corporate prison. You and Mr. McWhiskers hover outside the windows, peeking in. All the workers are still hunched over their keyboards, typing at an inhuman speed. The green glow from them is brighter than when you left. You don’t see Nelson anywhere. The door to his offi ce is closed. He must be behind it. You slowly open a window, careful to make as little noise as possible, and climb through. Mr. McWhiskers follows you inside and quickly scuttles under a nearby desk. None of

even stand a chance. Pillars of fl ames burst from Solok and overtake the spaceman. Solok turns off his weapon and you two both watch the burning spaceman stagger about for a few steps and then collapse to the ground. Solok turns to you and smiles. He is fi nally breaking this 143 Star Trek act. He opens his mouth to speak but the words never come out. The burning spaceman manages to keep a grip on the raygun then fi nds the strength to lift the gun and fi re. The black beam shoots out and

victims a block away. You turn your head but still hear the screams and pleas. Then, walking towards you from the same direction the punks and people came from is a person dressed head to toe in a white spacesuit. It takes long, confi dent strides and as it gets closer you see that the visor on the helmet is completely tinted black – providing no clue of who is within. You freeze. The person is now about ten feet from you. He raises a strange silver gun in his right hand. It does not look like

nightmare roller coaster ride into this postmodern fantasy. 152 pages $10 BB-004 “Shall We Gather At the Garden?” Kevin L Donihe - Donihe’s Debut novel. Midgets take over the world, The Church of Lionel Richie vs. The Church of the Byrds, plant porn and more! 244 pages $14 BB-005 “Razor Wire Pubic Hair” Carlton Mellick III - A genderless humandildo is purchased by a razor dominatrix and brought into her nightmarish world of bizarre sex and mutilation. 176 pages $11 BB-006 “Stranger on the

body. You run forcing your way through the plant life. After running God knows how long you slow down and realize that you have been screaming the whole time. You go silent and try to steady your shaking limbs. You can hear the sound of battle in the distance but you are not sure what direction it is. You spin around but cannot see or hear any sign of the soldiers that ran out here. You sit down to catch your breath. The ground suddenly shifts beneath you. You stand up and see the grass you

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