The Alien Brainwash (Space Scout)

The Alien Brainwash (Space Scout)

Language: English

Pages: 96

ISBN: 1921690852

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

"When Kip lands on a planet covered with giant flowers, it feels like the most boring place in the universe. But are these creepy weeds as innocent as they seem?"--P. [4] of cover.

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MoNa was a black multi- level starship with curved thrusters and a pointed nose cone. The SpaceBounder is meant to automatically release me at the Hoverport, Kip remembered. But he still had to call MoNa and ask her to open her landing bay door to let him in. My hands are strapped in, Kip thought. So I can’t reach my SpaceCuff to call! Kip hurtled closer and closer to MoNa. The harness began to release him. He was slipping out the bottom of the spring. At any moment, he could be free-falling

brontosaurus bred from fossil DNA. Dogs and cats hadn’t been popular since 2200. Kip didn’t get much time to muck around with Duke. Firstly, he had school. Then there was Kip’s job as a Space Scout. Space Scouts explored deep space for another planet like Earth. The first Earth was running out of room, and so another one was needed quickly. The Milky Way’s other planets were too hot, too cold or too gassy for humans. Inner Eight Zoo Kip followed his parents through the Inner Eight Zoo. The

trail blazed in the air behind him. It started near the ground, where Kip had woken up, and led to the spot where he was standing now. ‘We can see where you’ve been,’ said Finbar softly. Waving the UV-Trak in front of them, Kip and Finbar tiptoed quickly through the field of sleeping flowers. Their spaceboots made no sound in the wet, silver soil. They crept deeper into the field. Kip’s eyes began to puff up and feel itchy. ‘Pollen in the air,’ Finbar whispered, scratching a flea bite. ‘In

paw was slipping away. Kip clutched desperately at Finbar’s paw. Then he remembered something. ‘Your Hummingbird Pros!’ Kip said. ‘They’re your only hope.’ Kip and Finbar wore Hummingbird Pro spaceboots, which had carbon-fibre, water-repellent mini-turbo jets fitted to the sides of the heels. Normally, they were used for flying in humid, zero-gravity conditions. But they might also be able to lift Finbar out of the quicksand. Finbar kicked his legs to activate the jets. He gasped and spat

spiderbees had died recently. Then Kip had a brainwave. Maybe the Intergalactic Killer Bug Flu wiped them out! It meant that the flowers needed some-one else to do the spiderbees’ job. Because the flowers couldn’t really walk, they couldn’t spread their pollen to the little flowers inside the greenhouse! And with-out the pollen, new flowers couldn’t grow. So the flowers hynotised Zara, and then Finbar, to spread the pollen for them! Kip had to admit that it was pretty clever. A loud rumble

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