The Bad Nurse

The Bad Nurse

Sheila Johnson

Language: English

Pages: 66


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Murder By Medicine

In the small southern town of Ider, Alabama, everyone knew Karri Willoughby as a devoted nurse, loving wife, and mother of two small children. When she was accused of killing her stepfather Billy Junior Shaw with a fatal injection of the anesthetic Propofol, outraged friends and family rallied to her defense.

Overnight Karrie became a media sensation, portrayed as an innocent young woman caught up in a terrible tragedy—until four years later, when she walked into court and pleaded guilty as charged. Only then did the full scope of her crimes emerge.  Nurse Karri was unmasked as cold-blooded, conniving murderer.

Investigative journalist Sheila Johnson draws on hundreds of pages of previously unseen police records, interviews, recordings and videotapes, to create a haunting real-life thriller of medicine, family, and betrayal.

Includes Dramatic Photos

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group of friends, “Well, you know, there’s a lot that ain’t come out about it yet,” claiming she knew for an absolute fact that Karri’s defense was keeping a lot of the information in her favor a secret from the media. When the case finally got to court and all the cards were laid out on the table, the woman said, everyone would know that Karri was innocent. The charity worker claimed that her information had come “directly” from a friend who was a friend of someone else’s who supposedly knew

told them. DDA Bob Johnston brought up the question of faith, asking if their religious convictions would hinder their ability to pass judgment in the case. He pointed out that in the Bible, it said to judge not, lest you be judged. “When it comes time to reach a verdict,” he asked, “would your faith hinder you in being able to make a decision?” No hands were raised. Next to be addressed was the meaning of the phrase “beyond a reasonable doubt.” Johnston asked the potential jurors if they

programs available that might prove beneficial for Karri. Of course, that is, if she maintained a good conduct record and cooperated with the prison officials. In 1987, Church Women United, the Alabama Prison Project, the Alabama Department of Corrections, and an array of dedicated volunteers designed and established a project to help incarcerated women have relationships with their children. The group had discovered that many of the women in prison never saw their children because the guardians

go? she wrote. I’m so angry at you! You left me when I needed you most. Karri said she had barely begun to process the thought of losing her mother, and then Shaw was gone, too. Why did you call ME that day? Why did I have to find you? Did you mean for me to find you that way? she typed. Then, amazingly, Karri wrote that having to do CPR on Junior still haunted her: I can’t get that image of you out of my head. This, despite the fact that she had never performed CPR on her stepfather, even

explained: This is how so many people say we know and love Karri. No one spends 24/7 with her, but that doesn’t stop so many of us from knowing her as well as you know your spouse or best friend. We WANT to believe Karri is innocent and that would be no different than if it were somebody you all know and love. The writer continued, saying that if that made the town of Ider a bad place with uneducated, gullible people living there, at least it showed that they “loved their neighbor the way God

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