The Devil's Kiss (The Devil Series, Book 1)

The Devil's Kiss (The Devil Series, Book 1)

William W. Johnstone

Language: English

Pages: 204

ISBN: 0786010037

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

As the years pass, Black Wilder is waiting for just the right moment to emerge from the shadows in the small prairie town. The time is now, the beasts are hungry, the Undead are awake, and the putrid stench of evil hangs in the area. The townspeople are about to be touched by the Devil's kiss.

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we've shoved it right down their throats. Now we're taking the fight to them, so let's do it. "I'll take the lead truck, with Janey driving. Wade, you and Anita second. Miles and Doris third. Chester, you take the drag with Faye driving and Tony up front. Okay? Let's do it." The convoy rolled into Whitfield at forty miles per hour, turning Royal Street into fire and smoke. They cut north, up Branford, tossing Molotov cocktails and dynamite, the gas-filled bottles exploding against houses, on

you do that!" "Take off your right shoe." "What?" "You hear me. Take off your right shoe. Those are city-issued patrolman's shoes. You were wearing them last evening because I recognize the scuff on the toe of the left shoe. I told you to polish them. You didn't. Now, you want to prove you weren't at Jane Ann's? Take off your right shoe." "I'll be damned!" "I'm almost certain of that," Sam muttered, just loud enough for John to hear. A corner of the Chief's mouth crinkled with a small

called to Chester, "Stay in the nursery, I want you to hear all these calls." Sam called the Christian church in four directions, two states. He got the same reply: business was booming! Religion was pulling the folks in the front door. Great! Chester came in, sat down. "You called in all directions, Sam, and you got the same answer. Religion is not just doing well, it's wonderful. But why isn't it wonderful here in Whitfield? I know from talking to people it's down in all the churches in town.

a man none of them knew stood about them, watching them. Petterson was still hauling his ashes. Wade swallowed heavily. "It could be pure coincidence." But there was little conviction in his voice. "Want to take a ride just to see if we can leave?" Miles suggested. "No!" Sam said. "That's not for me. No one—man, Beast, or Satan is going to run me out of this county." Wade looked hard at his minister. "Sam, that sounds like pure bravado to me." "No," the minister replied. "No, it's a fight,

told us it was a home for the criminally insane; the really bad ones. The ones there is no hope for. We all believed, for a while—those of us who knew about the place—they were sent here from all over the country—to spend the rest of their lives. Well, this much is true, the place is filled with homicidal raving lunatics. Now then, the government, after washing the money through several agencies, pays Fork County—this part of Fork—to allow the institution to remain—hidden away. We have good

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