The Gates of Hell (Matt Drake)

The Gates of Hell (Matt Drake)

David Leadbeater

Language: English

Pages: 246

ISBN: 1482536404

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Matt Drake, broken by the murder of his loved ones, betrayal, and the threat to his friends, sets out to cancel the blood vendetta imposed by the underworld linchpin, the Blood King. Revenge, terrible and personal drives Drake in his quest to stop the man who has become his nemesis. The mercenary, Boudreau, now in the hands of his enemies, sits stone-faced and unflinching as Hayden Jaye desperately tries to extract the information she needs to save the lives of hundreds. After several failed attempts she becomes painfully aware it's going to take extreme measures to make him talk. Meanwhile, the Blood King finally sets into motion his long-term plan to enter the Gates of Hell and finish something his idol, Captain Cook, could never do: discover the shocking secrets hidden within, while launching multiple terrorist attacks and an all-out war against the islands of Hawaii. With nothing more than an ancient map left behind by Captain Cook, Drake and his team must follow the Blood king through a deadly maze in the heart of a volcano. He risks everything to track down the most dangerous man of modern times and help unravel the mysteries surrounding the bones of Odin.

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breach the Gates of Hell. A tinny voice came over the choppers sound system. “Five minutes to target.” Like it or not, Drake thought. We’re in it now. The helicopter swept low over a deep valley, an incredible sight as it flew flanked by dozens of other choppers. This was the first wave, made up of Special-ops soldiers. Every other US military marque was ready to assist. Air force. Navy. Army. The voice came once more. “Target.” They rose as a unit. * Drake’s boots hit the soft grass and

But she did not cry out. Drake, along with a dozen others in the room, leveled their guns at the man. And still it felt wrong to Drake. Why the hell was this guy upstairs with one captive? It almost seemed as if— “Go back!” the man screamed, eyes pin-balling wildly in every direction. Sweat ran from him in thick droplets. The way he half-carried, half-pushed the woman meant all his weight was on his back foot. The woman, to her credit, wasn’t making it easy for him. Drake calculated that the

he plunged screaming into the incalculable depths below? One way to find out. Drake put one foot in front of the other and then stopped himself. Damn. The lure across the ledges was strong. But his pursuit of Kovalenko held a stronger attraction. He snapped back to reality, wondering how a set of lights could be so mesmerizing. At that moment, Komodo jogged past him and Drake reached out to stop him. But the Delta team commander just fell on his own colleague and wrestled him to the ground.

lately. But, what the hell, a gun’s a gun, right? Mai flew low enough to catch spray on the windscreen. The big yellow boat powered through the wide river ahead. Hayden saw figures standing in the back, watching them get closer. No doubt they were armed. Mai dipped her head and then looked hard at Hayden. “Guts and glory.” Hayden nodded. “All the way.” Mai punched the collective, sending the chopper in a vicious dive, on a collision course for the yellow Baja. Predictably, the men stood

flares for the way back and then readied himself. Komodo and Merlin came up to stand beside him at the edge. “Ready?” One by one, in rapid succession, they fired flare after flare high into the air. The amber light blazed brightly at its highest point and threw out a brilliant glow that shattered the dark. Daylight came to the eternal blackness for the first time in history. The pyrotechnical display began to have an effect. As flare after flare continued to shoot up and explode before

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