The House of Power (Atherton, Book 1) (No. 1)

The House of Power (Atherton, Book 1) (No. 1)

Patrick Carman

Language: English

Pages: 384

ISBN: 0316166715

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Edgar, a gifted climber, secretly scales the treacherous walls separating the three worlds of Atherton: the humble grove that is his home...a mysterious highland realm of untold beauty and sinister secrets ...and a vast wasteland below, where a monstrous danger lurks that could destroy them all.

While searching the forbidden cliffs for a treasure lost in his faded memory, Edgar discovers the first of many startling revelations to come: the three realms are beginning to collapse, turning his entire world inside out. Atherton is not what it seems, but something far more dangerous, with a history locked inside the mind of a madman and a future beyond Edgar's wildest imagining.

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People falling out of the sky hasn’t been one of them, and I’ve never heard of anyone seeing a dead body at the foot of the cliffs.” He looked uncomfortable with the thought of a dead person, as though he found the idea hard to comprehend. Edgar was relieved to hear the news. It certainly didn’t sound like Samuel’s father had fallen out of the Highlands, just as he had suspected. “However,” Briney continued, moving the rabbits off the fire and onto the unused table. “There was once a man who

follow shortly.” Lord Phineus carefully set the bag from Mr. Ratikan’s house into the basket, then climbed in. Sir Emerik was not enthusiastic about following, but the alternative bothered him even more. He couldn’t be left behind while Sir Philip and Lord Phineus plotted a war without him. As if marking time, the mound of rope at Sir Emerik’s feet was growing larger as the cliffs continued their descent. “Get in, Sir Emerik. We haven’t got all day,” Lord Phineus snapped. Sir Emerik sighed,

had shattered inside and his brains had exploded into tiny parts that careened inside of his head. He heard the horrible noise once again, even closer this time. Then Edgar closed his eyes and lay still in the Flatlands. CHAPTER 19 THE SHEPHERD’S IDEA Many of the houses in the Village at the Grove had toppled over, but some had weathered the quake surprisingly well, and the largest of these was buzzing with activity. Mr. Ratikan was tied to a tree and could do nothing as people from all three

people from the grove who had paid with their lives in the fight. She hadn’t gotten that impression from her father. By the time she got back to her broken-down house, she was shocked to see many Highlanders and people of the grove who had been lost in the day’s fighting. “Where will they go?” asked Isabel. The question came from an empty space somewhere deep inside. “What do you mean?” asked her mother. “I mean, now that there’s no life in them. Where will they go?” Her mother thought she

worked. He had to be stopped. In the absence of Sir Philip, Horace took the lead of the five men, for he had held an important post—very close to the seat of power—and the men were in search of a leader. “We can’t wait here all day,” said Horace. “One of us will have to go to them.” He glanced at each of the men’s faces and saw not a volunteer among them. This turned out not to be a problem for Horace, for when he gazed back at the Village of Rabbits, he saw a group of men with clubs heading

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