The Mammoth Hunters

The Mammoth Hunters

Jean M. Auel

Language: English

Pages: 645


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The Mammoth Hunters

Fire and Sword (Captain Daniel Rawson, Book 3)

On a Wing and a Prayer: A Journey of Self-discovery on the Trail of Central American Wildlife

Lucifer's Eye

The Young Elites

Collateral Damage (24 Declassified, Book 8)

















walk back down to the lodge. He is loved, she thought, and remembered that she, too, had been loved, in spite of her difference. Jondalar saw her watching them and smiled at her. She felt such a warm rush of feeling for the caring, sensitive man, she was embarrassed to think she had been feeling so sorry for herself only moments before. She wasn’t alone any more. She had Jondalar. She loved the sound of his name, and her thoughts filled with him and her feeling for him. Jondalar. The first one

crying.” “I’m sorry I woke you. I should have been more quiet.” “You were quiet. It wasn’t your noise that woke me, it was your need. The Mother called me to you. You are in pain. You are hurting inside, isn’t that so?” Ayla took a deep, painful breath, straining to repress the cry that wanted expression. “Yes,” she said. She turned to face him, and he saw tears glistening in the muted light. “Then cry, Ayla. You should not hold it in. You have reason to be in pain, and you have a right to

plea. “She is breathing. If she can suckle, there is hope, but to live, she will need help. She must be kept warm, and she must not be allowed to use what little strength she has for anything but nursing. All the milk she drinks must be for growing,” Ayla said. Then she gave both Frebec and Crozie a stern look. “There can be no more fighting at this hearth if you want her to live. It will make her upset, and you cannot let her become upset if she is to grow. She should not even be allowed to

the furthest thing from his mind,” she said, then tucked a fur around the sleeping blond head of her youngest daughter, and smiled with gentle affection at the girl-woman form of her eldest, curled up next to her younger sister. “We’re going to have to think about a separate place for Latie next winter, she’ll be a woman, but Rugie will miss her.” Talut glanced back and saw the visitor brushing off chips of flint while he tried to see Ayla through the intervening hearths. When he didn’t see her,

were grinning from ear to ear. Latie was blushing and trying to hide behind Tulie, who looked on as though all this foolishness was beneath her. Most people were smiling benignly, even Jondalar, Ayla noticed, which surprised her. She had wondered if the reasons for his actions toward her had something to do with customs that were very different. Perhaps, unlike the Mamutoi, the Zelandonii did not believe people had the right to choose their own partners, but he did not seem disapproving. As

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