The Ramage Touch (The Lord Ramage Novels) (Volume 10)

The Ramage Touch (The Lord Ramage Novels) (Volume 10)

Dudley Pope

Language: English

Pages: 272

ISBN: 1590130073

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Post Captain Ramage is prowling the Tuscan coast and far from English aid when he encounters a daunting French invasion fleet. As the enemy gathers strength, Ramage must decide how to thwart its actions with only the frigate Calypso and a pair of bomb ketches.

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have reprimanded a man for the ‘I think’, telling him either he could or he could not. The master looked round and an American seaman, Thomas Jackson, seemed to materialize from the darkness. Ramage held out the nightglass. ‘Aloft, m’lad; you know what to look for.’ He then murmured to Aitken: ‘Send the men to quarters – but do it quietly.’ The usual beat of drum would carry for miles on a quiet night like this and the regular ‘Heart of Oak’ could hardly be mistaken for a French Revolutionary

youngster seemed very worried because, Ramage realized just as he was feeling sick with despair, they endowed him with magic powers which would ensure their escape. What a brief and inglorious sally into enemy territory it had all been! He had left his ship and her two prizes; he had landed on French-occupied soil for what had seemed at the time the best of reasons – to find out the destination of a possible French army and fleet; he had been captured within three or four hours; he and two of

prize, I’ll bet. If this was Newmarket ’eath, I’d say you’d be worth your weight in guineas.’ Paolo was rather angry. Not entirely angry, but he knew that if he was still living in the palace at Volterra he would be curt with the servants. Not an angriness of the fegato, or in other words induced by the liver, just anger that, having unexpectedly blown up one enemy frigate, they were about to be blown up by another. The English had a phrase for it, ‘tit for tat’, but the English were hopelessly

his thoughts froze as if a highwayman had jabbed him in the stomach with a pistol and demanded: ‘Your money or your life.’ The Furet’s pumps were going, and now there were men gathered at the starboard end of each of her yards, about to do something with the stunsails. What trick was that captain up to? No answer, no hint of a reason, came to mind. ‘Stand by sheets and braces,’ he snapped at Aitken, who snatching up the speaking-trumpet and bellowed through it, although he was clearly startled

his boat-cloak, he listened idly as the bow wave chuckled under the cutwater. It was a chuckling: Ramage could always imagine a group of small boys down there chuckling away at some trick they had played. The ship seemed to be happy at this comfortable progress and wanted to share the fun. The French vessels were approaching fast, or rather the Calypso was approaching them quickly. No lights, no sudden shouts, no startled challenges – either the Frenchmen were all asleep or it was a well-planned

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