The Seventh Day

The Seventh Day

Language: English

Pages: 392

ISBN: 0988137704

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

An archaeological discovery in Montana holds the clue to the end of life as we know it. With scientists around the world struggling to find an antidote for a deadly gene mutation, the Catholic Church is presented with an opportunity to prove they are the one true religion. Can religion and science come together to save the human race? Humanity faces its greatest challenge. One person has the answer. One corporation controls its fate. One organization sees an opportunity. One question remains: Who will control humanity’s destiny?

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God has worked through us to help me make the correct decision and I thank you all for that.” There were no other questions. The Cardinals had anticipated a longer session, but now after half an hour they were returning to their rooms without knowing if they were required any longer. The slow march back provided time for an exchange of thoughts that ranged from surprise to acceptance. Henry Hickey marched along mindful of his conversation with John Abbott. Chapter 20 February 27th

your research?” "Right. Well, after that meeting I was determined to dig deeper on the subject and I uncovered some interesting patterns with the virus.” "For the viewers just joining us, Peter's story was on a virus that started in St. Lucia and began to spread. At first it wasn't anything that raised eyebrows, but it quickly began to show signs of mutating into something that no one had seen before. Correct Peter?" "Yes that’s right, and that, as I mentioned earlier, was my angle on the

conversation continued for the next two hours, covering various subjects interjected with more alcohol. Much to James’s surprise Sara revealed that she was married for about a year back in the States, something he would have never guessed. Just wasn’t the right fit she had told him. The evening was a pleasant surprise for both of them. “Figure it’s time we packed it in for the night?” asked James. “I guess we should, we do have work tomorrow.” “Come on, let me walk you to your car.” He

we can spend the rest of the time reminiscing about old times?" said Gordon "Sounds good to me, let me have it.” "William, I know you’ve moved up the ranks in the Vatican. I have seen your star rising,” joked Gordon. William leaned back in the booth, his arms spread wide and almost reaching the ends of the seat. He motioned with one hand for him to get on with it. Gordon knew the gesture. "So, here it is, I just need a package to get to the Pope. It’s not a big package. I would like to get it

Pope. Cameras followed the Popemobile through the streets where people hanging out of office windows waved the Vatican flag, cheering as he went by. More than a celebration, it was a return to normalcy for millions of viewers. Henry moved closer to his black cordless phone, picked it up and started to dial, then laid it back in its holder. He rubbed his hand over his forehead as he watched the proceedings. Total adulation for His Holiness was evident around every corner and on every street.

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