The Staff of Judea (Rogue Angel, Book 41)

The Staff of Judea (Rogue Angel, Book 41)

Alex Archer, Joseph Nassise

Language: English

Pages: 157

ISBN: 2:00307141

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The Staff of Aaron…the sword of Joan of Arc.

After decoding an ancient scroll—one that purports to pinpont the treasure of the Jewish Temple, lost for two thousand years—archaeologist Annja Creed agrees to lead the party to recover the find in Judea. It's a perilous desert journey through sandstorms and bandits, and complicated by mysterious sabotage within the group, to arrive at a long-forgotten fortress deep beneath a mountain. Only then does Annja discover that this archaeological expedition is really one man's quest for the mystical Staff of Aaron, one of the Bible's holiest and most powerful relics—a weapon they say can do incalculable harm in the hands of the wrong individual. She must try everything humanly possible to prevent the staff from being used for selfish purposes. Even if it puts her in the mightiest battle yet—sword against staff.

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redundant system by using two jacks on each vehicle. Should one fail, the other should keep the truck from crashing into the sand and possibly injuring anybody. It took another hour to take care of the tires, but at last they were finished. While the security crew had been working on the trucks, Annja and the others did what they could to salvage supplies and gear from Ben’s ruined vehicle, including the mostly full tank of gas. When they were done they split the load, including the extra

Annja’s presence. To their surprise, the weapon had been mystically forged anew and had become bound to Annja in a fashion no one, not even Roux, had ever imagined. Thinking of the sword brought a smile to Annja’s lips. She could still remember Roux’s shock when the blade had reformed right before their eyes. Roux wasn’t surprised very often, she’d learned since, but he certainly had been then. “Is that smile for your victory or the sizable commission you’ll be getting as a result?” Roux asked.

side as she deked in the opposite direction. “There she is! Over there!” The SUVs swerved to keep her in sight and more gunfire followed. She was closing in on some larger boulders that might provide cover, but for now all she could do was duck and swoop from side to side in an effort to escape the bullets. Pain flared along her right biceps as a bullet creased her skin, causing her to stumble. The motion actually saved her life as the gunner put several more rounds through the space she would

of the rider. She dug her fingers into the horse’s mane and held on. The group burst out of the riverbed and onto a flat plain stretching ahead of them as far as Annja could see. Which wasn’t far given the limited moonlight, but she had the sense of vast openness. The horsemen spread out into a wide arc on either side of Annja’s rescuer, and she could see that there were at least a dozen, maybe more. They were dressed just as the Bedouin pretenders had been, in black desert garments that covered

cell phone. Douglas hacked into the cell network to get your individual GPS signal and then modified the tracking software in the handheld so that it would look for your tablet rather than the beacon it had originally been designed to hunt down. He also extended the reach of the device by allowing it to use our satellite network. When you flick the switch, the tracker should show us the current GPS position of your iPad. All we have to do from there is follow it.” Connolly looked up and met his

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