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Circle of Flight (The Ellie Chronicles, Book 3)

The Serpent's Shadow (The Kane Chronicles, Book 3)

The Houses of the Kzinti (Man-Kzin Wars Collection)

The Spirit Eater (Legend of Eli Monpress, Book 3)
















tune in that holocaust. But Bolitho shouted, “A cheer, lads! Give a cheer to the Flag!” Muskets banged through the smoke, and Bolitho heard the balls thudding into the bulwarks and whining against the nine-pounders. Rennie bellowed, “Marksmen! Shoot down those bastards!” And from aloft came an answering volley. The wind seemed to have gone altogether, although in the dense smoke it was impossible to gauge either speed or distance. Then out of the flickering, choking fog Bolitho saw the stern

Sergeant Garwood with his half-pike dressing one rank where two red-coated bodies had left gaps in the line, while he called out the time and numbers to his men as they reloaded and fired another volley into the smoke. Captain Rennie had his back to the enemy and was staring across the other rail as if seeing the sea for the first time. Pryce, the gun captain, gave one long scream and fell backwards at Herrick’s feet. A long splinter had been torn from the deck and had embedded itself in the

his voice harsh, and he heard the prisoner’s teeth chattering like dice. He gripped the man’s arm, smelling his fear. Now was the time to make the Spaniard more afraid of him than of anything the enemy could do. “Listen to me!” He shook the man slowly with each word. “When we are challenged, you know what to do?” The Spaniard nodded violently. “Show lantern. Give the signal, excellency!” “And if they ask why you are coming in at night tell them you have despatches for the garrison commander.”

main cabin door, and as Bolitho entered the once familiar place he was momentarily blinded by the dazzling reflections from sea and sky as the morning sunlight blazed across the wide stern windows. The Andiron’s captain was leaning out over the stern bench, his body a dark silhouette against the glittering water, but Bolitho’s eyes fastened instead on his own sword which lay in the centre of the polished table. He waited, standing quite still, his feet automatically braced against the ship’s

dragged by and the boat’s swooping motion became more pronounced he found that half of his mind dwelt on the realisation that things were already moving against him. The wind had gained in force, and he didn’t need to consult his small compass to know that it had also veered more to the east, so that what cover there might have been from the island was lost in an angry welter of tossing whitecaps and great swirling patterns of backwash from partially hidden rocks. Every so often he looked astern

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