Trillion: the Three-Headed Lion (Beast Quest, No. 12)

Trillion: the Three-Headed Lion (Beast Quest, No. 12)

Adam Blade

Language: English

Pages: 80

ISBN: 0545132665

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

New Beasts. Old Magic.

The peace of Avantia has been shattered by a fearsome new Beast--Trillion the Three-Headed Lion. If he is to save the kingdom, Tom must defeat Trillion and collect all the pieces of magical golden armor. Will he succeed?

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curved inward, forming a natural place of shelter. “If we can get him there, he should be hidden from danger while we deal with the lion,” Tom said. He turned to Tagus. “Come with us,” he said, pointing to the outcrop. “You’ll be safe there.” The Beast nodded, his face twisted with pain. Very slowly, and with Storm at his side, he began to limp forward. Tom and Elenna walked at Tagus’s other side, ready to help if the Night Horse faltered. “He’s badly hurt,” Elenna said in a low voice. “He

them!” Tom said angrily, his heart burning. “We’ll put a stop to his game!” But Elenna snatched at his arm. “Look!” Tom followed the line of her eyes. A wide ring of small dark shapes was moving purposefully in their direction. “Hyenas!” he gasped. There were twenty or thirty of them, slinking toward Tagus, Storm, and Silver, their eyes shining with a hungry light. “They must have smelled Tagus’s blood,” Tom said. “Will Storm and Silver be able to fight them off?” Elenna asked anxiously. “I

Trillion’s other paw came close to the water’s edge and that the evil Beast quickly drew back with a snarl. “I’ve heard stories that lions are afraid of water,” Tom said. “They aren’t good swimmers, because their manes get waterlogged and drag them down.” “And Trillion has three manes,” Elenna said. “If we can lure him into the lake, we might be able to defeat him!” Tom watched the lion, a plan forming in his mind. “Storm isn’t afraid of water,” he said. “He’s swum rivers with me on his back.

Trillion’s last moment had come. Nothing could save the lion now. Tom lifted his sword, ready to deliver the final blow. But a few paces away from Trillion, he was brought to a halt by an invisible force. He staggered back, then ran forward once more. Again the invisible wall repelled him. He could not get to the evil Beast. What was happening? A black whirlwind appeared close to the water’s edge. The air was shrill with the howling wind, but then the darkness was gone — and Malvel was

friends. Tom took Storm’s reins and strode out onto the causeway, his horse following fearlessly. Elenna walked at his shoulder, her hand in Silver’s gray fur as he paced alongside her. The air shimmered all around the lion’s jaws, tingling on Tom’s skin and making his hair stand on end. As the four companions paused before the gaping fangs, Tom’s golden armor glowed in the sunlight. He and Elenna exchanged glances. “Ready?” Tom asked. “Ready,” Elenna reassured him. Then the four friends

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