Uncle Al Capone - The Untold Story from Inside His Family

Uncle Al Capone - The Untold Story from Inside His Family

Deirdre Marie Capone

Language: English

Pages: 232

ISBN: 0982845103

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

This is the revised edition, March 2015. The untold story from inside his family. Dramatic, unyielding, and provocative, Uncle Al Capone by Deirdre Marie Capone, Al Capone's grandniece, is a fascinating memoir and engaging biography. This moving, highly readable portrait of the Capone family and its mob trade examines what it has meant to survive the storied legacy of the family's forbearers. As Capone traces the arc of regret and what fuels the Capone myth, she finds redemption and a way to coexist with her legacy. In seventeen chapters with titles like "The Making of the Mafioso," "Trading the Chicago Outfit for the Chicago Cubs," and "The Saint Valentine's Day Truth," Capone outlines organized crime in Chicago and offers vignettes of American history during the early and mid-twentieth century. Using years of research and exhaustive interviews with her aunts, uncles, and cousins, she weaves an engaging anecdotal narrative of what it meant to be a Capone, what it meant to lose her father to suicide, and what it meant to have a mother who lived in constant fear. She offers compelling evidence that Al Capone was specifically targeted for prosecution by law enforcement agencies assisted by the media, which made gross exaggerations of her uncle's exploits and fueled a phenomenon of half-truths and utter falsehoods. From the family's roots in Angri, Italy to the author's ongoing investigations today, this debut offers a comprehensive and moving portrait of an iconic American family and one woman's efforts to make peace with the past.

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been such an expert outlaw that when the police finally nabbed him, the only charge they could pin on him was tax evasion. I was so astonished that all I could do was nod along as he spoke. Later that evening, when Bob and I were alone, I told him what Bobby had said. I felt like I had been holding my breath ever since Bobby so innocently chirped the name “Capone.” Bob and I decided together that we couldn’t keep the truth from our children any longer. We had no idea how they would react, but

stood over me scowling. Aunt Maffie wrapped her strong fingers around my biceps and shook me. “Don’t you know who’s sitting out there?” “My dad?” “Yes. Why don’t you talk to him?” “I was saving him for last.” I stammered searching for the excuse, and heard the tell-tale quiver in my own voice. The two women looked at one another, their eyebrows rising and their eyes rolling in unison. Grandmacita brought the crucifix of her rosary beads that were always in her hand to her lips and walked

toward the dining room. All thoughts of my mother’s anger melted in the moist air of that kitchen. I ran toward my father and watched as his face lit up. I climbed into his lap and snuggled against his chest and neck. He kissed me, telling me how much he missed me. For the next few minutes the world around me disappeared, and I immersed myself in my father’s affection and attention. I filled him in on what was going on at school, recited for him all of the times-tables, up to seven. As I got to

no longer in his hands. The choice belonged to Lucy—Lucille Ball, his wife and partner. That evening at Maffie’s house, my aunts asked me to write down the number of times I heard my uncle’s name mentioned—as a record for their case. It was not mentioned once. The second episode was on April 27, 1959. I again had to write down the number of times I heard the Capone name. Again, none. Lucy changed the focus from Capone to Nitti in those first two episodes. Maffie and Mae dropped the suit, but

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